About my blog!

First and for most, I am NOT a mental health Professional, I don’t have a degree in anything, and this is me talking from my experience!
My blog is for me to help other girls with similar experiences, if your not a younger girl or not a girl at all your still welcome to my page. Its to promote wellness and mental health stability. Giving you somebody to relate to, on my page you will see that I have hotlines/warm lines to the important suicide lines below I will also have them. I do not post anything on this page that is negative or that promotes anorexia[ana], or any other mental health negativity. Please walk with me through my journey and helping others in the path of getting a better idea on how some mental health things go.
My blog also welcomes families that are going through any of this hardship, it welcomes any mental health professionals or doctors that want to understand or view it from  the other side. My name is Lindsey I am currently 20 years of age. Thank you!

Suicide Text line
[They don’t automatically call 911, and send them to your house]
741-741 [Text HELP]
Suicide Call Line
Transgender Suicide Call line
Lesbian/gay/bisexual/questioning suicide call line
[Other wise known as the Trevor project]
Sexual assault/abuse call hotline 
Mental health WARM line
[Before a suicide, you can call to just talk and someone is there 24/7]
Mental health/Suicide Online chat line they cant find your GPS coordinates, chat with a crisis councilor on line

If you, or someone you know is in danger of hurting themselves or someone else. Please don’t wait call 911, or go to your local ER

Everything that I post on my blog I created ^even the list [Of course not the numbers] .. Sharing this blog will not offend me because I just want to be there helping everyone that will get help out of my blog.
Again welcome!