Art-Mental Health/Illness

Like I advocate a lot on my page is mental health wellness. Not everyday is going to go easy, not everyday you’ll go to bed with a smile. The important thing is that we keep going to bed, and waking up the next day. Everyday is a new journey, everyday is a new opportunity to discover something new about yourself. Pain doesn’t always end after we take medication (like for a headache) Sometimes pain stays for a long time, its about how to manage it. There isnt going to be a magic medication that makes mental pain go away. There is hope though. Through medication, a team of mental health professionals, and therapy. Things get better, finding those good outlets are important. Mine are drawing, hope you enjoy the ones below. 

^This one is what I call “Eye On Pain”

^This one is the best one I have drawn in a while called “FINE” It speaks to me in many ways. Why do many of us, just say we are fine? Without taking into consideration if we aren’t?

^I call this one “Eye Contact Of Depression” ..Not being able to make eye contact with people is a normal thing for me. I can stare depression in the eyes all the time, or whatever is on the floor. 

Keep drawing my mental health warriors ❤


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